…would you look at that? I have completely forgotten about the existence of my wordpress account, and it’s all because of tumblr. I’ve been more active there than in any other sites (yes, even facebook).

Anyway, I decided on activating this blog again, for the purpose of self-entertainment. Because I admit, writing a blog is fun and even more fun when I re-read the things I’ve written years ago. It’s like looking back at your weeaboo days.

What happened to me between my last post until now? Well, I’ve passed my thesis, with a grade that I will not boast (1.25 BABY!!), had our Baccalaureate mass (which is one of the most memorable things to have happened in my life), had our graduation ceremony (my godparents even flew from California to attend said ceremony), went to Palawan as my graduation gift, then applied for jobs, got accepted in one… AND now it brings us up to the present.

The only thing that haven’t changed yet is my addiction to Gintama. That’s the anime that I’ve been so obsessed over that I update myself with the manga. Seriously, I don’t read manga that much… no, let me rephrase that: I read manga but I don’t bother to read the next update as I do in Gintama. SAKAMUTSU ARC YEAH!

Lately though, I’ve watched Ao no Exorcist. I know that anime when it was first released but I didn’t bother on watching it because well… Incest-fujoshi fans ruined it for me… A month ago, I’ve seen a post in tumblr… A gif of Okumura Rin with Moriyama Shiemi in the latter’s garden. And since I was bored that time, I decided to try it out, hoping that somehow this blonde girl would erase my past memory of Okumuracest. I downloaded the anime… but in the midst of downloading, it stopped in episode 15 (slow internet connection). I got curious on what will happen next so I read the manga from there and found out that the anime from that point onward was different. Good thing I read the manga, because the manga is way better than the anime.

Long story short, I’m a Rin x Shiemi fan now.

To be honest, I’m not very particular of characters like Shiemi. I was never fond of shy, cute, sweet, girly girl characters. The only girly character I’ve really loved until then was Ryuuzaki Sakuno (Prince of Tennis). I mean, I love them, but they rarely end up in my favorite characters list. So it was a surprise for me to love Shiemi. I have a suspicion that her seiyuu (Hanazawa Kana) have something to do with that. Also, at first, I didn’t really like her. Or more accurately, I didn’t like how the mangaka portrayed her. I mean come on, she always need to be protected. She was kidnapped by Amaimon. She’s ALWAYS in trouble. She was like the epitome of a Damsel-in-distress. No wait scratch that. In Loureynology, the epitome of Damsel-in-distress is, and will always be, Yanagi Sakoshita (Flame of Recca). So I really wondered how I fell in love with her (Shiemi).

And then it occurred to me. The way she let herself be (for the lack of better term) ‘enslaved’ by Kamiki Izumo because she really wanted to be her friend struck a cord in my stone heart. She was isolated from people most of her life because of her shyness so she truly wanted to change herself for the better (motivated by Rin and all). She was very awkward. But she faced it. She faced her fear of being alone again. Something that I can’t do. I guess I saw myself in her, in a way.

She proved herself useful way too many times too. Like that time in the bath house with Neuhaus’ summon that attacked Paku and Izumo. She was more useful than Izumo then. Also that time with the Impure King. She was the one who always protect Izumo.

Her moments with Rin were really cute and fluffy which added my love for her. When Rin saw her sleeping next to him after defeating the Impure King made me giggle like crazy. That time in the amusement park too, and also the school dance, and when she saved Rin from prison. I suppose I started really REALLY liking her during the Impure King Arc. Before then I was having a love-hate feelings for her (because as I said before, I’m not too particular with cute, shy, sweet characters).

Woops this turned into a post about Moriyama Shiemi. Oh well papel. Maybe I’ll write a different post all about her (and maybe the RinShi ship) next time.

TL;DR Still a Gintama addict, read Ao no Exorcist and loved it, now a working girl.