Gintama Episode 254! What the hell? Another Gintama Post!? Are you really that addicted to Gintama? Don’t tell me you’re going to write another obnoxiously long blog title? At least it’s shorter than the first one? Fine.

This is because I am utterly bored and not in the mood to draw or write fanfics.

GINTAMA 254 review!

It’s kind of weird that I started an episode review at episode 254 and not the first one… or episode 253, the first episode of the new season. Oh well.

Kintoki is still the one featured in the opening credits, which kind of annoyed me. He stole all of Gin-san’s accomplishments; heck, even his childhood! I want Gin-san back so badly already~

Tama revealed to Gintoki that it was Kagura and Shinpachi’s idea to create a “Perfect Leader” (well, actually, they just wanted a punching bag to let out all of their frustrations on) since Gintoki is always out somewhere. At first, the model looked like Gintoki but they kept on modifying him until he became the “Perfect Yorozuya Leader” — which also explains why the hair changed from wavy and silver to straight and gold. Later, Kintoki had began on doing good deeds as the Yorozuya to gain attention from their district.

Kintoki’s main purpose is to become the real Yorozuya leader and so he needs to eliminate everyone’s memories of Gintoki. He used hypnosis to delete their memories and replace the ones with Gintoki on them with him. But his hypnosis does not affect machines or animals, thus explaining why Sadaharu and Tama can still remember Gintoki.

Tama suggested on making their friends remember Gintoki again by outshining the Yorozuya. Gintoki’s accomplishments may be overwritten by Kintoki but when you look at it, the only change was it was Kintoki’s face instead of Gintoki. Gintoki’s idiotic actions throughout the previous seasons and episodes were still the same. And so with that loophole, their friends might still remember him.

There is still a chance!

The scene cuts into the Cabaret club Otae works at. Kagura was beginning to get worried at Sadaharu and Tama’s sudden disappearance. Kintoki cheered her up and treated everyone in the shop free drinks in return of helping them find Tama and Sadaharu.

And then, Gintoki, Tama and Sadaharu decided to show up, introducing themselves as the Yorozuya sepia.

And they began on stealing Kintoki’s Yorozuya’s job, which is to fix the karaoke machine in the club. Kagura and Shinpachi accused the Sepias that they were copying them and stealing their job.

Gintoki stepped on the spotlight, pretending he knows how to fix the karaoke machine and stuff, only to have him hit the machine on Kintoki’s head out of uncontrolled anger. Because of his continuous hitting on Kintoki’s mechanic head, the karaoke machine completely broke. He made the matters worse.

And that is where Tama decided to step up before the situation worsens. She’s a machine too so she can talk to other machines like her. The setting changed into Tama and the karaoke machine talking on the rooftop about some love matters with other machinery. That’s when Kintoki interrupted them and stole the glory once again.

The next client is Kyuubei, who was having problem on Jugem Jugem Shit-Tossing The Life Of Shin-chan’s Two-Day-Old Underwear Balmung Fezalion Isaac Schneider 1/3True Love 2/3 Hangnail Anxiety Betrayal Knows My Name Or Does It Really Ignore Calls Squid Dogfish Halibut Trout-Cod Dogfish This Is a Different Dogfish, I’m Talking About The Dogfish Shark Kaluga Angler Ray Yuuteimiyaoukimukou Pepepepepepepepepepepepe All’s Well That Ends Well Runny Diarrhea’s mood swings. Sadaharu tried to talk to the little monkey, but as stated by Gin, dogs and monkeys just don’t get along. On the other hand, Kintoki rearranged his face to make him look like someone I have absolutely no idea about and only the Japanese people will get the joke.  Anyway, with Kintoki’s newly rearranged censored face, Jugem finally went down.

The next attempt of Yorozuya Sepia’s stealing the glory was in Yoshiwara, where a courtesan wanted to commit suicide. Gintoki pretended to be more depressed and unneeded in life than the suicidal woman and distracted her with his negativity. He took the chance to finally take down Kintoki with his fake-suicide attempt but the woman, who was revealed to be Sacchan all along, tried to save Kintoki and got hit by Gintoki instead. In return, Gin and Sacchan fell down the building.

And surprise! Gin was saved by the ORIGINAL Yorozuya.

After the incident, we see Shinpachi and Kagura thinking about Gintoki and what happened after they saved Sacchan and Gin when they  fell down. Tama thanked them and immediately assumed that the two of them remember Gintoki, but was answered with confused looks from them.

Gintoki mentioned that the two of them will do things without thinking of the consequences whenever something bad was happening. It was one of the things Shinpachi and Kagura will never forget. And he was happy that the two of them still remember the soul of a real Yorozuya. With that said, he bid farewell to his two former comrades with a lonely look in his usually dead-fish eyes.

At this point, everyone who got involved in Gin’s life began to slowly yet vaguely remember Gintoki Sakata. And Kintoki was also aware of the changes in everyone’s minds.

Back to our real protagonist, Gintoki was telling Tama that his hard feelings on the golden haired fake Yorozuya leader was gone when he realized that everything that Kintoki does is for his friends’ betterment. He finally accepts that Kintoki was a better leader than him. But, he still won’t give up on his nakamas. Even if reality meant on having the worse leader ever (Gintoki) back, that’s the reality they’ve made. And he wasn’t going to ditch Tama or Sadaharu to live on the fake world they were currently living on.

After Tama bid Gintoki farewell, she decided to do something on her own to stop Kintoki. As she was trying to plan something, Kintoki stopped her and greeted her casually, with an evil plan in his mind.


And that concludes Gintama episode 254. Next up is “Kin’s Kintama”, where we’ll see Gintoki brutally removing Kin’s mechanical kintama.

I especially love it whenever Gintoki is saying something serious and inspirational. And he still hasn’t given up on his friends, and it’s good news that Kagura and the others are starting to remember him again. Go Gin! Show that golden haired dude what you can do!

I’m pretty much updated on the manga ever since season 5 stopped so I’ve already read Kintama arc in the manga months ago. My favorite arc in the manga so far is *SPOILER ALERT* || Ikkoku Keisei, where for the first time ever, Shogun is cool. Isaburo and Nobume are back as Yorozuya and Shinsengumi’s allies. A bit of OkiKagu scenes (and one OkiKaguNobu).  Takasugi shows up and does something important. Friendship between Kagura, Soyo and Nobume deepens. Nobume’s other name was revealed. And epic fighting scenes occurred.|| *SPOILER ALERT*