Gintama’s Episode Titles are always so long and meaningless and unrelated to the episode so I’ll imitate them and write an awfully long Blog Title that’s totally meaningless and somehow unrelated to the post. Is this long enough? Not yet. Blah blah blah blah… I think this is long enough. Ok? OK.



All about my current obsession in Gintama!!

I was already aware of Gintama since years ago but I just recently been attached to it last March. I don’t know why… it just dragged me in. Anyway, I’ve been a fan of the famous het pairing of the community, OkiKagu.

Who wouldn’t like their canon-ness? Well, they’re not really canon. They’re just canon in Loureynology. The two of them are so sweet whenever they’re near each other ^^ Sometimes, they would try to rip each other’s neck off, sometimes, whey would stab each other, sometimes, they would blow each other’s head. How sweet could they get XD I wonder if someday, Kagura would actually rip Okita’s intestines out and feed them to her pet dog. I hope Sorachi-sensei will add more Okikagu chapters in the manga… Em loving every small panel he gives for fanservice. Em so in love with them, I have 600 Okikagu pics in my Gintama folder. << yeah, true story.

I also drew fanarts… for them…



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I also like KamuNobu… the problem is… there isn’t any fanarts of them around… I’ll just make one sooner when I feel like it…

By the way, just finished downloading Gintama 254… better go watch it~